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Lewd, male furry nudity, fat sheaf 

"I've updated this week's duty roster. I have a special assignment for you."

Commission for @BelPolaris!

I've been watching Thrillseeker youtubes as my anticipation for the valve index grows but in this video I'm watching right now, he said ready player one is one of his favorite scifi novels and the audiobook is read by wil wheaton, one of his favorite actors, and my interest in this channel has just taken a steep dive

Work is blessedly quiet today so I'm getting started on the script for the social vr avatar creation tutorial series. I am having fun writing blatant falsehoods about the history of cg to pepper into the narration

three victories royale in fortnite this morning. this is a preschool game for babies.


It's not that bad, I was mostly tired already and I'm on meds for it which help

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So far this project seems to be working. I no longer have to actively remember which button does what and for the most part I don't need to switch back to the keyboard for hotkeys. There are moments where I need to hit ctrl or alt for selection modifiers, so that's a thing I'll need to work out a substitute for, but otherwise I no longer feel like using the tabmate is an impediment.

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dom/sub thoughts 

I will never get tired of the idea of having someone have a sit-down talk where they patiently explain to you that while they recognize that you have thoughts and feelings and desires of your own, at the end of the day you are not a person anymore, you are an owned thing, and you need to get used to that idea because you will not be treated like anything but what you are

apologies in advance to new watchers for the disparity between the flavor of horny implied by the drawings I have posted here and the horny expressed in my actual posts

Made a lot of progress in purging junk from the office and rearranging it to make a vr playspace though, I'm very excited about that.

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Another commission for @shyra, cosplaying as Doctor Strange. Succubi generally do not need to be summoned to manifest wherever they please.

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did you know the words 'feet' and 'fetish' share the same latin root

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age regression meta 

oh I didn't watch Being John Malkovich for that reason, I watched it because a friend of mine told me it was really good, and it was, but it still made me feel gross and I didn't like it at all

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inflatables + bondage musing 

you ever think about how an inflatable's air-filled body would kinda pooch out around the edges of the straps on, say, a snug-fitting bondage harness or elaborate muzzle

age regression meta 


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age regression meta 

AT THE VERY END OF THE MOVIE, the terminating point of the doorway shifts to the daughter of the male protagonist's ex-girlfriend, who he is still in love with, but because the person affected by the doorway was not an adult, he was trapped as a passenger in her body that she wasn't aware of and he could not control her body in any way. It was gross and weird and happened in the last five minutes of the movie.

It's the kind of thing that the ARarchive would list as AR media

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