been feeling extremely 'I need to be less visible so that I am less of a bummer' lately

my art, mh~ 

@Aetous the way I usually resolve those feelings is asking myself if I'd feel that way if the positions were reversed. In almost all cases I'd want my friends to get that paper.

I mean I'm looking forward to our trip, but Still

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My boyfriend had company over this weekend and my wife and I are going to Whidbey island next weekend and that'll make it four weeks between seeing him and I'm sad about it

tiny badger listening to Calamari Inkantation on endless loop to drain every last drop of dopamine his brain will produce from hearing that song

been going full tinkertoys on the office to reorganize it to make a playspace for vr. it's nice sometimes to just let go and embrace The ADHD Urge to Sort

so an important thing to know about f-chat is that people don't fucking read

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The main goal of being a furry is to collect at least one friend of every single animal species, so that when someone mentions that animal you get to go :) i know that :)

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And the timelapse. Music is Get Off This, by Leftover Salmon and Cracker.

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Socializing and domesticating big cats requires, to some extent, taking advantage of their territorial marking instinct and subverting it. It's not fun or enjoyable for the cat, but ultimately it's good for them.

Commission for @kieran , who knew what he was getting into when he signed up for the program. Or would have, if he could read.


lately I have been thinking more about the emphasis on adult in the adult stuck in the body of a kid

not as in like, adult activities, but as a point of particular satisfaction for whoever is in charge of me, the smirking pride of knowing there's a fully-grown man in there who's been maneuvered into living the life of a toddler

completely disempowered, easily controlled and coddled, contained in playpens and cribs, distracted by stuffed toys and colorful plastic shape-based puzzles

you ever crush on a mutual but dare not let on because you're like 'yeah no my whole deal is definitely way too weird for them'

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"I've updated this week's duty roster. I have a special assignment for you."

Commission for @BelPolaris!

god, who said snow leopards were allowed to have so many fucking spots

@Aetous I did the same thing. Pretty sure I had the day off, still needed to log into the work vpn to make ABSOLUTELY sure

"numbers" is of course for the fedi version of numbers

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my post privacy is 'unlisted' by default and I have less than fifty followers on here so whenever a post does numbers like this, it feels like an achievement

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