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Socializing and domesticating big cats requires, to some extent, taking advantage of their territorial marking instinct and subverting it. It's not fun or enjoyable for the cat, but ultimately it's good for them.

Commission for @kieran , who knew what he was getting into when he signed up for the program. Or would have, if he could read.

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"I've updated this week's duty roster. I have a special assignment for you."

Commission for @BelPolaris!

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Another commission for @shyra, cosplaying as Doctor Strange. Succubi generally do not need to be summoned to manifest wherever they please.

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(please don't throw me into that there briar patch voice) boy it sure is a good thing that nobody I personally answer to is a regular fediverse user

I promise I will shut up about the couch soon, but 

-the couch is delivered today

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when I draw, I'm used to having my left hand on a keyboard to do hotkeys. I have a laptop with a screen that can be positioned in easel mode, that has a stylus and can be used as a drawing tablet, but I NEVER USE IT TO DRAW because I'm so used to using hotkeys that it's just maddeningly slow to draw without them. So I got the tabmate controller to solve that problem, and then.. never learned to use the tabmate.

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if I'm going to be taking more commissions then my goal is going to be to finally train my left hand's muscle memory to use this thing

d'you ever think about being put under a bell jar and put on display as a conversation piece

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I learned a little bit ago that these things are popular with VR users for cordoning off their playspaces so they don't accidentally bonk themselves into anything valuable or painful while they're in the cyberzone, and I kind of love that.

Usually they're called play-yards (which is the term I use the most) but they're also sometimes referred to as babygates and babywalls. Thanks to the Idle Thumbs podcast, I now refer to any invisible collision wall in a game as a "babywall"

what if flammie-style dragon but with badger patterning

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so do you think Snarf has a cloaca

got my viseme library sculpted last night, all fifteen of them, cannot wait for the workday to be over so I can import and test lipsynch tonight

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finding the fix took ~90 minutes, the fix itself took like, ten seconds

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last night while trying to google my way out of the problem I tried maybe twenty variations of:

blender edit skeleton after bind
blender reposition joint of skinned mesh
blender fix armature after skinning
blender move bone after bind

and after like an hour of this, it turns out that this isn't a question that gets asked very often because it's dead simple: if you want to animate/pose your mesh, you do it in pose mode. if you want to edit your skeleton, you do it in edit mode. easy peasy.

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in today's example of that, the eyeballs of this model are non-spherical - I removed the rear third of faces because the eyes will never rotate that far in normal use and it'll save me maybe 40 polygons.


When Auto Rig Pro generates the skeleton it says 'ah, right, eyeballs, let's drop the joints right in the center of mass,' and as a result of my edit the rotations are off-center. The eyes exit the face when they move. This is no bueno.

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