not really a vore guy but I'm glad you kids are having fun


vore, unbirthing, age regression 

Actually now that I'm thinking about it, some several years back on furrymuck I did have an extremely hot series of RP sessions with a very nice dragon lady that involved a fox (me, at the time) being swallowed, with the phrase 'sleep in my belly, wake in my womb', and the life-force of the fox transmigrating into one of the dragon's eggs and then being hatched and raised as this cute foxdragon hybrid

so uh I guess vore is a sometimes food!

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plush vore 

Getting 'vored' by an animate babysitting stuffed toy, to get stuck in their zipper belly for enforced naptime, also sounds pretty nice, coming to think about it

vore, unbirthing, age regression 

@Pebble this is my favorite kind

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